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You Really CAN Treat & Possibly Recover Your Child From Autism!

Is your child one of the “1-in-68” children that are on the Autism Spectrum? Have you been told there is no cure and nothing you can do to help your child recover from autism?

It’s a lie.

While it’s true there is no known cure available for autism, there are a number of things you can do to treat the underlying medical problems that could be affecting your child. Once these underlying medication conditions are cleared up, many children lose their autism diagnosis!

Our body is basically a walking chemistry set. When there is an imbalance in their chemistry, things start to go wrong.

Consider a swimming pool that may have “hard” water (too many minerals) and not enough chlorine – the pool can quickly look like a green swamp! It’s the same with your child’s body chemistry. The toxins and imbalanced chemistry leads to health and neurological problems. However, when the chemistry is corrected, your child is in a better position for improvement and potential recovery.

“Can’t I Just Find Answers About Autism Myself On The Internet?”

No, not really. While there is a ton of “information” available about over the internet, and some of it is accurate, an alarmingly large percentage is false, misleading and even dangerous. Even if you had the time to scour through the millions of webpages about autism…how do you know what to believe? Even the large autism organizations offer some relevant tips and advice, but they can only go so far before they too advise you to see an autism specialist doctor…Well, we have the doctor!

Dr. Kurt WoellerDr. Kurt Woeller is an autism specialist physician with a private practice specializing in Autism Spectrum Disorders for nearly two decades. In this time, he has consulted for and treated thousands of individuals on the autism-spectrum who have seen incredible results…some even full recovery! In addition, Dr. Woeller has been a featured speaker at autism-related conferences and conventions, is a field clinic physician with Great Plains Laboratories, and has been a pioneer in the field of distance-doctoring, giving Skype internet consults with patients all around the world.

With Autism Recovery System, Dr. Woeller guides you step-by-step assistance through the often-times confusing aspects of treatment and medical evaluation. You’re never alone, since Dr. Woeller is accessible to you day and night via his active Parent Forum/Chat Room and weekly Video Chats.

Autism Recovery System is the ONLY Program That is Doctor-Driven & Directed, Giving You The Piece of Mind and Confidence That You Can Begin and Administer an Autism Intervention Program For Your Child. 

What Do You Get As a Member of Autism Recovery System?

    • Get Questions & Concerns Addressed Personally By Dr. Kurt Woeller Via Private Parent Forum/Chat Room.
    • Complete, 12 Step Autism Recovery 101 Course guides You Through The Process of implementing Biomedical Intervention.
    • Troubleshooting Section –  Includes Quick Reference Information For Behavior Issues, Sleeping Difficulties, Stimming, Digestive Problems, Gluten and Casein Infractions, & Much More.
    • Autism Lectures, Presentations & Educational Videos.
    • Autism Treatment and Research Articles (by various biomedical experts).
    • Methyl B-12 Therapy – detailed explanation and steps for implementation.
    • Audio Recordings/Blogs – Medications, Cholesterol, Oxytocin, Respen-A, and Much More.
    • Biomedical Protocols – Anti Yeast, Biofilm, Detoxification, Immune Therapies, Mitochondrial Support, Anti-Inflammation (Enhansa, Actos, Spironolactone), Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, and Much, Much More.
    • For Beginners & Advanced – information is relevant for everyone


This website is truly a unique service with DIRECT access to Dr. Woeller and his biomedical expertise, as well as a wide variety of instantly accessible, valuable information…right at your fingertips!


See What Other Parents Have To Say About Autism Recovery System…

“At age 3 1/2 we got the news “Your son/grandson has Autism.” When I heard those words I knew that I would have to be the one to find the roads we needed to travel. After reading books and researching the internet I felt we needed to do Bio Medical treatments. Living in a small town we had no DAN doctors. For two years we struggled to get the help we needed, trying to find doctors that would support the Bio Medical protocol. That’s when we found and Dr. Kurt Woeller. To my amazement he immediately responded to our questions and set up a video conference. In just 3 short weeks we had a doctor working for us and leading us down the roads we needed to travel. He worked with us in getting a referral for scopes and expedited our procedure with a world renown Doctor. Today because of the wonderful advice and educational video chats, we have a grandson that is (we believe) on the final road to recovery. We know we will be in a fight possibly for the rest of our lives to keep him recovered, but we also know we are not alone. We have a great leader. I know that twice a week I can attend video chats and seek immediate advice. In addition we have access to a feeding/speech therapist that conducts wonderful video chats once a week. This is absolutely the most powerful website in educating the parents of our precious children. We will forever be grateful and thankful for the help that we are receiving. Thank you.”

– Charlotte S., Grandmother of a precious grandson recovering from Autism

“When my daughter was diagnosed with Autism 3 years ago I would have done anything to have something like the Autism Recovery System to turn to. Doctors diagnose your child like she has a cold and give you no information on what it is or how to help your child. I spent the first year after my daughter was diagnosed researching anything and everything I could about autism. I didn’t find even a fraction of the information that is provided in Autism Recovery System. Everything is all right there, current research and therapies, the ability to talk with other parents dealing with the same struggles you face, and most importantly, direct contact with a caring doctor who has dedicated his career to treating our children. Whenever I meet anyone who has or knows a child with autism, I tell them about this wonderful service and encourage them to get plugged in. It is a valuble resource for parents and we are very thankful for it.”

– Erin K.

“I’m sure you hear this everyday, but thank you so much for putting your website,, together. It’s amazing! Your information, as well as everything from other parents, provides such a depth of support that is greatly appreciated!”

– Parent of Child With Autism

“Thank you again…and I know I speak for all of us when I say that we are so grateful and lucky to have you and your knowledge and caring to be able to help our kids, and be only a few keystrokes away. It is very comforting and my family appreciates you and all you do very much.”

– Valerie K

“This year I am giving thanks for the Autism Recovery System, this great resource you have created. Thank you, Dr. Woeller, for bringing so much help to my son and my family. All the best!”
– Laura D.

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