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    1. Dimitar Kehayov

      Dear Parents,
      Heavy metal poisoning has become a pandemic among our children: toys and/or clothes from Asia, vaccines or just junk food – the cause is not known, but it does not matter much, the important thing is to quickly and radically eliminate heavy metals from the child’s body!!!
      Our multidisciplinary team of proven medical specialists is at your disposal to perform full and adequate chelation, as well as for the complete biochemical recovery of the patient after heavy metal intoxication:
      The price for the internet consultation and the creation of an individual chelation protocol with the issuance of a prescription, including an electronic one, is 150 euros and includes: a comprehensive assessment of your child’s state of health, identification of recovery measures after intoxication and more and more…
      We can give you the following instructions in advance:
      1. When performing chelation using drugs such as EDTA and the like, never use rapid intravenous infusions, but use the medicinal products as indicated by their manufacturer, i.e. through slow intravenous infusions
      2. Do not proceed with the infusion of stem cells against the background of a child’s body intoxicated with heavy metals. Stem cell therapy is great, but in the presence of intoxication, the stem cells will simply be destroyed by the heavy metals quickly and
      If our proposal is useful and interesting to you, send us your story via any modern messenger to the phone number below and within 24 hours you will receive our opinion on your individual therapeutic case:
      With the confidence that we will be of great use to you, I remain
      With respect
      Doctor Dimitar Kehaiov

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